Unified Police are searching for a murderer in Taylorsville

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Unified Police are still trying to figure out who murdered a 59-year-old woman. 

Neighbors of Margaret Steffey say she was really quiet and kept to herself.  They can not seem to understand why anyone would want to hurt her. 

"I was just so surprised at what happened, said Guenter Broome, a neighbor.  “[She] never had any problems—not that I know of," he said.  

Police found Steffey dead in her Taylorsville home after worried family members asked them to check on her. Nobody had heard from her in four days.  She lived alone. 

"[Steffey] had died as a result of suffocation.  Right now, it's not known exactly what was used to kill the victim," said Lt. Justin Hoyal, Public Information Officer for Unified Police.  

Police do not have any active suspects either, but neighbors say they have their own ideas. 

"There was no forcible entry, so somebody that she knew let that person in, or they had a key," said Broome. 

Neighbors say that fact that Steffey's murderer is still on the loose makes everything worse. 

"Whenever we have to go out somewhere at night or come back home, we pretty much just make sure we have our keys in our hand to open the door as quickly as possible.  We don't want to be out here alone at night," said Crystal Peredo, a neighbor.

Some say they have seen drug busts in the area, but nothing as dangerous as a murder.  They say the area is quickly changing.   

"I think that overall, it might be getting—let's say less safe than I thought it used to be," said Nicole Bernshaw, another neighbor. 

Unified Police are asking anyone with any information on what may have happened to contact them immediately.  

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