TRAX train derails in downtown Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) -A UTA TRAX derailment creates hours of problems for downtown commuters.

Shortly after 11 Thursday morning two trains derailed near 400 West and South Temple.

This hasn’t been an easy fix. TRAX officials tell me sometimes you can just get the train back on the rails with a slight push. But this derailment was stubborn.

“If you think of a semi being jackknifed, that’s the scenario we had today,” said Alex Blauer with UTA police.

Two TRAX trains derailed off the TRAX with about 30 passengers on board.

One person suffered minor injuries, but the aftermath created major headaches for those in charge of fixing the problem.

“When a train derails it’s a big deal even if it’s just a few inches,” said Blauer.

The derailment put a stop to traffic for a short period. It got a lot of attention from those who were passing by.

One line opened up after the two trains were moved slightly. “We kind of pulled it forward hoping it would get close enough to right itself,” said Blauer.

But one train still remained off the rails.

TRAX officials setup a makeshift station at both ends of the derailed cars to get commuters back on schedule.

“We’re going over to hit the green but we’re going to have to walk over to 4th west to get on the green train,” Karen Hansen, commuter.
UTA crews could be seen cleaning off the tracks where the train switches from one direction to another. TRAX officials say that might have been the problem.

“From what we’re looking into a switch malfunction and we’re looking into that as to what happened, why it happened. The front car as it came through went left and as the second car came through it went right,” said Blauer.

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