Three teens hospitalized after SUV crashes into Jordan River

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - It appears to be a joy ride that could have killed three teens last night if it wasn't for a few good Samaritans.
“I saw it. The vehicle exploded in front of me right there, just pieces and parts. It's like nothing you would see in your entire life,” says Brian Adams.
Adams said the teens flew right by him, and that ”he almost hit a car going westbound head-on.”
The three teenage boys are in the hospital after the driver lost control, crashed and flipped his parent’s SUV upside down and into the Jordan River.
“He went around me. There was a car coming westbound. He swerved back into the lane and that's when he lost control,” Adams added.
Police say the light was red with traffic stopped. The teen couldn’t stop in time before he lost control.
“A couple ran down there, got two occupants out [and] couldn't get the 3rd out," said Adams.
That’s when more people started to show up.
“10 people jumped down into the water,” says Adams. “Just bystanders that saw it happen, just flipped it over so that he wouldn't die.”
The group worked together to secure the teen in place while flipping the car and keep him still.
One man said the doors couldn't get open when trying to get the driver out.

Once fire crews got there they were able to get the boy out.  He is now in serious condition at the hospital.
“We have 3 teenage boys that went to the hospital. It would have been entirely different if those people hadn't been here,” said Lt. Brian Burvis with the Salt Lake City Police Department.
An investigation is being done by the police department and charges may come down.

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