Strong winds cause damage in northern Utah

- LEWISTON Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A microburst may have hit the Nalder dairy farm destroying two barns.
The strong winds created problems at around nine a.m. Monday morning.

“I heard the boom, boom and it had blown my pots off,” recalls Arleen Nalder.

But she and her husband soon learned there was something behind the noise.

“There was something wrong at the barn,” says Dan Nalder.

But there was no barn.

“Cattle running everywhere,” he says.

The winds blew off one roof belonging to their hay barn.

“As I drove over to the hay barn I looked,” says Arleen. “The one barn was down and I looked back towards the house and saw our other barn was down.”

Both were completely destroyed. Calves nestled in the hay barn were buried by the bales of hay that fell.

“I think they (calves) all made it,” says Dan. “They seem to be all fine. We moved them all out and moved them in a different shed.”

The Nalders say winds like this are common in Lewiston. But this storm came with a punch.

“When I opened up my back door it was hard to get out,” she says. “You could tell it was blowing really hard. I have lanterns in the back yard and they were blown out.

And this kind of damage estimated at about $90,000 is new to the Nalders.

“We just lucked out I guess,” says Dan.

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