Spanish Fork police finish inquiry into multiple shooting deaths

By Marcos Ortiz

Published 07/07 2014 11:45AM

Updated 07/07 2014 05:33PM

SPANISH FORK Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Police say a Lindon police officer used his own duty gun to kill his family last January.

The final report by Spanish Fork police was released Monday. The shooting happened January 16, 2014 at the family home of Joshua Boren. Police were performing a welfare check when they came upon the scene in which Boren's family was wiped out. At the time police concluded that Boren killed his estranged wife, two children and mother in law before turning the gun on himself.

In the report released Monday, police say that Boren used a Glock 40 caliber handgun which was issued to him as a duty weapon from the Lindon City Police Department. The report also contained toxicology tests that reveal the absence of any drugs or alcohol in the bodies of the victims or Joshua Boren.

"Investigators received information from interviews that there were marital issues in the past none of which had been reported to authorities," according to a statement issue by Spanish Fork police.

According to the report, police found four bodies in the master bedroom. On the bed police found Boren on the end of the bed. He shot himself according to police. Next to him was his daughter Haley. her brother Jaden was next to her. The report claimed Jaden's arm was under Haley' head. Kelly was next to Jaden. Police say her arm was propped beneath Jaden's head. Police say they had been shot in other rooms and brought to the bed. Kelly's mother was shot in another room.

The report shows Boren and his wife were having marital problems. And problems associated with his youth may have influenced his behavior.

The report claims "Josh had drugged and raped her (Kelly) on multiple occasions." Police found a "videotape of the rapes." And "Kelly didn't want to turn Josh in because it would ruin his career.

The report says he was seeing a therapist and revealed the rapes to her. He claimed to have told her "He was a three year old boy stuck in a big man's body."
police found writings of Josh that were used as part of his therapy. He wrote "he had been abused physically, secularly and emotionally as a child and was still upset with his mother for not protecting him from the abuse."

On the night of the murders police say Boren was texting his wife. Their marital problems were the main subject.

In the report were these texts among the many that were sent between the two.
Kelly: "I don't want you in my life anymore."
Josh: "Please just don't take the kids away from me."
Kelly: "I will. Then don't tell me I am a bad mom to hurt me."

The report claims they agreed Boren could come to the house to take Jaden to karate. Kelly text Boren back at around five p.m. say it that was okay.  Shortly after that he text his mom saying "I hope you are having a good day. Have a long and healthy life.

About four hours later, police came to the home on a welfare check and discovered the bodies.

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