South Weber City councilman facing embezzlement charges

- BOUNTIFUL, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A South Weber City councilman is facing embezzlement charges.
Mike Poff is accused of taking more than $200,000 from an assisted living home in Bountiful. Poff is currently serving his third term as councilman in South Weber City. But Bountiful police say it may not be the first time Poff is involved in taking advantage of retirement homes.

The owner of Welcome Home Assisted Living says Poff worked for him beginning in 2006. Poff was in charge of day to day operations including accounting.

“I trusted him,” says Bruce who owns the retirement home.

But when the IRS sent him a letter for past due taxes the owner started asking questions.
He says Poff resigned after the owner claims Poff admitted to not paying the quarterly taxes of more than $100,000. And then the owner started getting statements from credit card companies.

"I knew nothing about these credit cards,” says Bruce. “On the credit cards, the tab was $278,000 just on the credit cards alone."
The owner says Poff had taken out six credit cards in the business’s account.

"After he left I started getting credit card notices saying that if you don't pay this off we're going to ruin your credit,” says the owner. “I was like 'what are you talking about?'"

He says the IRS settled and has been able to recover from the devastating financial mess Poff allegedly left behind.

"Thank heavens I was able to recoup,” says Bruce. “I was able to make payments and I'm actually pretty close to paying everything off.”

As for South Weber City, the news of councilman Poff's troubles caught them off guard.

“We were all very shocked and surprised and concerned and just want to have direction on what to do from here,” says Erika Ahlstrom, the city recorder.

Meanwhile Bountiful police say Poff was involved with a similar situation with a retirement home in Clearfield. Sgt. Troy Killian says Poff was accused of embezzling from the home but no charges were ever filed.

"He paid them back," says Sgt. Killian. "He made arrangements with that company."

He says if that owner refused to file a complaint with police there is nothing authorities can do.
The owner of the Bountiful retirement home was also aware of the previous problems Poff had.

"But I didn't know that until after talking with police," says Bruce. "He never put that (business) on his resume."

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