South Jordan man fighting the city to keep 200 pet pigeons

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Are 200 pet pigeons a few too many? South Jordan City sure thinks so, but the man who houses them all is fighting back.  

Every morning, Boris Majnaric wakes up, ventures through his yard, and tends to more than two hundred pigeons. He has done this for years now and says he got permission from South Jordan City in 1996--way before he moved in.   

"[The city] said, 'Yes! What is your address? You live in such and such... You can have pigeons, a reasonable, manageable number,'" Majnaric said.  

Now, feathers are flying and Majnaric's pigeon passion days may soon come to an end, "based on some complaints from neighbors concerning the number of pigeons," according to Chip Dawson, South Jordan City's spokesman.  

Majnaric says South Jordan Animal Control has paid him many visits--One while he was out of the country. 

"Based on the search warrant, they broke into my yard first, and they broke into the building," Majnaric said. 

Neighbors say one problem is that Majnaric and his pigeons don't get along well with their pets .

"He had these traps that would catch the neighbors' cats," said Nicole Hale, a neighbor.  

 In the past few years, more and more birds have adopted this "pigeon palace" as their own.  The court says all but 40 have to go.

"I feel like I want to die.  This is ridiculous.  These are my best friends.  They're like members of my family.  I don't have anyone, except those birds,"  Majnaric said. 

Majnaric says he won't let city officials put feathers in their caps just yet.  "They violated the fourth, and fifth, and the fifteenth amendment of the United States' Constitution," he said.   

"We're aware that a lawsuit has been filed, but we have not been served," said Dawson.  

"I paid over $20,000  in legal fees..." said Majnaric.  "This is why I am willing to fight to the end--To defend these birds and my rights."   

Majnaric has agreed to give almost a hundred pigeons to another bird lover; he plans to do that Monday.  


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