Six injured in shootout at Inferno Cantina

- SALT LAKE CITY (Good 4 Utah) - A gun battle at a downtown nightclub caused chaos for hundreds of people inside.

It happened just before midnight on Saturday at Inferno Cantina at 122 West Pierpont Avenue in Salt Lake City.

Dozens of officers rushed to the scene after reports of shots fired.

"As soon as officers arrived on scene, they noticed hundreds of people both inside and outside of the club,” explained Detective Cody Lougy with the Salt Lake City Police Department. “They soon discovered that an individual had entered the club and basically opened fire."

A 28 year old woman who was inside at the time told ABC 4 Utah that 2 men exchanged gunfire and she heard at least 11 shots. That’s when everyone started rushing for the doors.

"So a few seconds later, I got up because other people were, like, trying to move and get out and so when I was running in between the tables, I actually tripped and I fell and I heard more gunshots so I crawled underneath a table,” said the witness.

There was more gunfire outside.

At least 2 suspects ran outside and hopped in a black Cadillac CTS.

Police say they tried to run down an armed private security guard.

"They waved a handgun outside the window,” said Detective Lougy. “We're not sure if they fired at the security guard, but he did return fire, but we're not sure how many rounds. It's just too early in the investigation to know if that the security guard fired or if anybody in the Cadillac was hit.”

Six people were wounded by gunfire, their injuries ranging from minor to serious, but apparently none were life threatening.

“Oh this is a very scary situation. Scary for everybody involved,” said Lougy. “Once again that Club Inferno was packed and so you can imagine the panic in that room when shots were fired and everybody was going out."

The black Cadillac had been stolen earlier last night.  After the shooting it was dumped near 2320 South 1600 West.

Police are interviewing hundreds of witnesses, but they don't have a good description.

They do say that they’re looking for 2 Hispanic males.

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