Seven adults, nine children found in Provo meth house

PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 Utah)- Seven people now face meth charges after Provo Police say they admitted to using and distributing methamphetamine in their home. All seven of them were arrested Thursday and it all happened with nine children living in the house.

Detectives say this was a hard scene to walk into. They say the found drugs and drug paraphernalia throughout the house with nine kids inside, ages four to 15.

The house at 290 W 500 S in Provo where SWAT Teams had to go in after receiving a tip that it was a drug house and people inside had criminal backgrounds.

“And we knew kids would be there so we had victims advocates and told protective services that we might need some help removing children from this home,” said Utah County Major Crimes Task Force Director Lt. Phil Murphy.

Kids removed from the house where police say drugs, drug paraphernalia, and drug use were part of their everyday life.

“These children didn't have a choice to be there and witness these acts in front of them. The drug use, the drug distribution, they didn't have any control over it and they were subjected to it,” said Lt. Murphy.

Grandfather to some of the children, Darwin Goode, admitted to police that he and his wife Mary sold meth to pay their bills.

“I'm sure there are plenty of other alternatives out there that don't create the risks that this one did,” said Lt. Murphy.

The Goode’s daughter, Tiena Marie Cook, was the mother to five out of the nine kids in the home. Two other adults arrested were parents to the remaining four kids.

“Some of them admitted to using it and they didn't think the children knew what they were doing. But that's the adults’ responsibility to put the children first and they didn't,” said Lt. Murphy.

Police say all the adults tested positive for meth, but the effects on the nine children are unknown.

“Those fumes and vapors are gong to go into the couches, into the walls. What they're crawling around, what they touch. Anything they stick in their mouths. And there's no telling what kind of exposure those children might have and that's very concerning,” said Lt. Murphy.

All seven adults face charges for distributing meth and child endangerment.

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