Self Defense: The basics everyone should know

SANDY, UTAH (GOOD 4 UTAH) - Krav Maga, it's Hebrew for "contact combat" and it’s a form of self defense anyone can learn no matter your size, strength or sex.

"We have one rule, don't get hurt and what that means out on the street is we will do anything and everything to win,” said Joseph Gleed, the head instructor for Krav Maga Utah.

Gleed tells Good 4 Utah learning how to protect yourself starts with two basic concepts. "One defend immediate danger and two counter attack,” said Gleed.

In order to do that lets break it down, learning first the basic moves of protecting yourself by punching with the palm of your hand and kicking your attacker where it counts man or woman.

“One of the great things about a groin kick is that it can be done up close or from a leg distance.  if she's kicking me way out here it's going to be the top of her foot, but I can be grabbing her and she can  hrow the same kick and it's going to be all shin,” said Gleed

Now, bringing it all together in a scenario where your attacker has you by the throat, you not only are going to defend yourself from being strangled but you're going to counter attack at the same time

"She'll pluck and strike and she's ending up in that fighting stance,” said Gleed.

However, what if your attacker has a weapon like a gun? Gleed says the key here is to get out of the line of fire. “Redirect, control, counter and take away,” said Gleed

If you have more than one attacker, the key is to try to line them up so that you’re fighting just one person at a time.”  Gleed says a lot of the time, when one attacker goes down, the others back off.”

For more information about Krav Maga or to sign up for their summer camp July 25th - 27th visit or visit their facebook at Krav Maga Utah.




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