Salt Lake Comic Con says it's keeping its name

UPDATE: San Diego Comic-Con officially filed a lawsuit against Salt Lake Comic Con Friday. Stay with on this developing story. 

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah)- The battle over a name divides two cities invested in comic conventions. At the end of July, San Diego comic-con sent Salt Lake Comic Con a cease and desist letter. It demanded they stop using the name "Comic Con" or face legal action. Friday, Salt Lake Comic Con said they're not backing down.

The founders of Salt Lake Comic Con drove a labeled car to the San Diego Comic-Con promoting the Salt Lake Comic Con event on September 4-6th.

In a three-page ‘cease and desist’ letter from San Diego comic con it specifically says:

“Your use of the skinned vehicle during Comic-Con 2014 by driving it around the Comic-Con convention vicinity is clearly intended to confuse Comic-Con attendees, exhibitors, and fans."

But co-founder of Salt Lake Comic Con Dan Farr is still driving that convertible and says it might've been the start of all this mess, but he did nothing wrong.

“There's billboard trucks flying around, there are planes flying over head, advertising is everywhere. In fact, we have seen other comic cons on the show floor advertising there,” said co-founder of Salt Lake Comic Con Dan Farr.

But advertising or using the name "comic con" is at the middle of this legal battle over intellectual property infringement. San Diego Comic-Con says it owns that abbreviation for comic convention. Salt Lake says no.

“Comic con is a generic term just like auto show, gun show or home show. Comic-Con tried to trademark ‘comic con,’ an abbreviation on comic convention, and was unsuccessful,” said co-founder of Salt Lake Comic Con Bryan Brandenburg.

And because there are so many across the world, co-founder of Salt Lake Comic Con Bryan Brandenburg says they're being unfairly targeted because of their success.

“If there were a thousand people showing up to our convention, they certainly wouldn't, right in the middle of their big comic con, would be worried about us,” said Brandenburg.

Now, Salt Lake Comic Con is drawing a line in the sand. Farr says he doesn't want to fight with San Diego, but that doesn't mean they're backing down.

“I hope it doesn't have to continue down a messy, legal path. But we feel very strong with all the research to call it Salt Lake Comic Con,” said Farr.

ABC 4 Utah called the lawyer who initially sent the cease and desist letter to see if San Diego Comic-Con had a response to Salt Lake Comic Con not changing its name. ABC 4 Utah has yet to hear back from any legal representation.

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