Ride sharing programs growing in popularity amid concerns

WASHINGTON (ABC 4 Utah) - New ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft are becoming popular with consumers, but regulating them can be a nightmare. Good 4 Utah Washington Correspondent Alicia Nieves tell us why Salt Lake City should be paying attention to other cities where the service has been operating longer.

Hailing down a taxi cab may be a thing of the past.

With a simple click, ride –share services can send a car wherever you are.

“Uber is one of the coolest things to happen to transportation in the last 100 years.”

“It’s convenient, I’m actually going to order one right now.”
Services like Uber and Lyft are growing in popularity with consumers; also growing is the controversy surrounding them.

“Uber and Lyft don’t possess adequate insurance… life is dangerous enough without getting into a taxi cab that doesn’t have to right kind of insurance,” said Dave Sutton, Spokesperson for Who’s Driving You?

Recent headlines tell the story of why insurance matters.
“There’s An incident where a child was killed … an incident where an Uber passenger was injured and not compensated,” said Sutton.
Local governments struggle to strike a balance between consumers’ convenience and their safety.

“My advice to city leaders is to look to San Antonio where the sheriff has been issuing cease and desist… and has been enforcing them,” said Sutton.

Some organizations say the government needs to drive regulation for ride share operations, but others say the business model will regulate itself.

“This business model disrupts the old business model and only survives if they provide a better product at a good quality price… it’s literally supply and demand,” said Jason Chaffetz, R- Utah.

With both Uber and Lyft now driving in Salt Lake City officials have the advantage of looking to the experience of other cities to decide whether it’s better to embrace the new model or fight for the old one.

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