Provo rent scam investigation leads to arrest in Conn.

- PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Police say a rent scam investigation out of Provo has led to an arrest in Connecticut.

In late April, police say a Utah County resident responded to a Craigslist advertisement about a home for rent in Provo.

Police say the victim, who corresponded with an alleged attorney about the ad over email and phone, eventually agreed to send $846 via money gram to rent the Provo home at 819 West 2000 North.

After sending the money, police say the victim saw a for sale sign in front of the home, and contacted the owners.

Police say it was then that the alleged victim discovered that the advertisement he responded to was fraudulent.

After conducting an investigation, a police say Provo detective referred the case to Shelton, Connecticut where the money gram was cashed. Detectives in Connecticut obtained video of a suspect who cashed the money gram at a local Wal-Mart.

From the video police say Connecticut detectives identified and eventually arrested 47-year-old Tammy Minnerly for 5th degree larceny.

Police say detectives discovered that Tammy was allegedly acting as a middle-man for several other scams where she would cash the money gram, keep a portion for herself and then forward the remaining funds to an individual in Nigeria.

Provo Chief Rick Gregory warned that scam artists are always devising new ways to steal money, and that online rent ads are always risky.

Gregory said it's best to deal with someone in person and do a walk-through of the property to confirm they are the owners.

Gregory added that if citizens must send money out of state for rent funds, to use a personal check, because a check can be tracked in case of fraud.

----Information from: Provo Police.

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