Protestors Pack Heat on Capitol Steps to Make a Point

Published 02/08 2013 08:08PM

Updated 02/08 2013 08:23PM

SALT LAKE CITY. (ABC 4 NEWS)- A display of guns on the capital steps and a promise to fight the federal government took place Friday, as a group of Utahns that are passionate about their guns rallied.

"I think gun control is a complete and total joke," said gun owner Kyle Crozier.

But it's certainly no laughing matter. In the eyes of these folks—the biggest threat in the country today is not guns— it's the federal government.

"We try and try to get the federal government to listen to us, and they don't” said one protestor.

That's why one state senator is proposing a law that would ignore any new federal laws, in favor of local control.

“I’m here to support that,” said gun owner Ed Kearn, “because I believe that it does send a message to the federal government that the people here in Utah are not interested in gun control, but we would rather have gun rights.”

At the state capital there are a variety of bills that could deal with gun control. So far none of them have gotten very far, even through committee, but this group wants to make sure that it’s sending a message before those bills go too far.

In this group, however, there’s a debate within the debate.

“We as gun owners, we need to be as down to earth and reasonable as possible, and we need to be more friendly,” said Kearn.

‘Friendly’ is not a word generally associated with gun control.

“I’m friendly, I’m peaceful," said one protestor. "I’m not bothering a soul, but I’m constantly on defense. I’m constantly being attacked, my rights."

All the protestors do agree on one thing though. Guns don’t kill people. People do.

“It’s the ill intent of the criminal, and we’re here because a few mad men decided to hurt innocent people,” said Crozier.

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