Police release video from Cache Valley Hospital shooting

- SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – Newly released video showed the drama unfold at the Cache Valley hospital last May where a gun wielding man was shot by police.
Last May, North Logan police were forced to shoot Jason Burr after he walked in with a gun.
Surveillance video from the hospital was just released and it showed Burr asking a receptionist to get him his doctor.
An agent with Adult Probation and Parole happened to be in the same hospital and approached Burr from a different room.
The agent tried to talk Burr into giving himself up.

Agent: "I can hear you keep talking.’
Burr: "Don't come through the (inaudible).”
Agent: "I can hear you keep talking."

Again he told the agent to get everybody out of the hospital. There was a warning over the intercom about the situation.

“Code silver in the ER, code silver in the ER.”

Another agent showed up and both can be heard asking if backup officers have arrived.
Burr continued to walk in circles is appeared to be getting angrier.

Burr: "Do you hear me?”
Agent: “I hear you.”
Burr: “Why don't you **** talk to me.”
Agent: “Okay, what's your name?”

Burr yelled out his name to the agent.
Burr: “I told them this was going to happen.”
Agent: “Okay Jason."
Burr: “I just don't know what just happened. I want help.”

The agent was aware Burr is holding a gun.

Agent: “I need you to put your gun down.”

About the same time, the second agent walks through the door leading into the lobby area where Burr is. Both raise their weapons and shots are fired.

Burr was wounded and officers and hospital staff approached him after he was been disarmed.

He was taken to another room at the hospital for treatment. Burr survived his wounds and was later charged with several felonies. The Cache County attorney recently determined the shooting to be justified.

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