Police make an arrest after a man was killed in Kearns

Published 06/03 2014 06:17AM

Updated 06/03 2014 12:25PM

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 UTAH) - Police believe after some strong detective work, they have their man for the killing that happened in Kearns Saturday. 

Police have arrested 31- year-old Douglas Evans for shooting Theodore Kelbach, 49, of Kearns.

"Mr. Theodore Kelbach was shot at point blank range at his residence."

The arrest was like a TV show.

"The first 48 hours are so critical. This is exactly that situation," said Sheriff Jim Winder. "We have significant physical and an eye witness evidence right now that we believe is quite strong and as I said we are confronting him with it right now."

Gary Reed lived with Theodore Kelbach for nearly 2-years and was a friend.

He spoke to him Saturday morning before heading to work.

"My roommate was murdered in my basement," said Reed. " I know Ted was killed in the family room downstairs in front of my washer and dryer."

He says he has never seen Evans at his home but police say this killing was all over a woman.

During a press conference the sheriff went  on to say, "Mr. Evans does have a rather lengthy criminal history and does have an association with the victim."

That association is with Evans' girlfriend who is unnamed in this case. 

"We believe it was a jealousy situation. Mr. Evans believed erroneously that Mr. Kelbach has a relationship with this lady," said Sheriff Winder.

Witnesses say they saw Evans park a silver car and walk in the home through the back yard. 

"To find out somebody had come in to my house to kill him, now I got to find a way to finance a clean up where the  murder took place," said Reed.

Reed said he pulled the carpet out of the room but it has become a biohazard and with it warming up it is only getting worse.

"I'm feeling relief that the police have caught the guy cause now I don't have to be nervous about, you know, people coming back," says Reed. "I'm very happy he is going to have some type of justice."

Sheriff Winder says, "It is a very good case. The individual has just refused to acknowledge the circumstances. I think over time he will get the picture."

The last time Evans  was arrested the sheriff was there to arrest him.

"The guy is a dangerous guy. I happened to be on the the incident when he was last arrested and he has a violent history so it's kind of ironic and I'm glad he is off the streets," the sheriff added.

Evans was also arrested for weapons violation. Police have found him in possession of a gun. The gun is similar to the one used in the killing but police tell Good 4 Utah they have not located that weapon.  

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