Police look for a stolen trailer full of charity donations

WEST VALLEY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - West Valley Police are looking for a stolen trailer that is full of community members' charity donations. 

Smith’s employees headed the project.  For more than a week, they have been collecting donations to sell at a yard sale.  All of the proceeds were to go to Primary Children’s Hospital. 

The initial goal was to come up with $1,000.  By Saturday afternoon, volunteers did not have even half that amount because most of the items they planned to sell were in the stolen trailer.

"[Friday] night around 10:00 P.M., [Smith's employees] put some more items in, locked it up, and left, and when they came back in this morning, the whole trailer was gone," explained Lt. Dalan Taylor, Watch Commander for the West Valley Police Department.   

Smith's employees volunteered to spend their day managing the yard sale. Many shoppers made donations, themselves. 

"It is just a shock that someone would, I guess, stoop low enough to steal stuff that is meant for the kids,” said Karl Stock, a local Smith’s shopper.    

Volunteers say the trailer held $2,000 worth of donations.

Officers ask that even if the thief chooses not to admit to the crime, they would like him/her to leave the trailer somewhere in the area and give them a call. 

"They can go ahead and put items in there to donate also that are legitimate items... That would be helpful also," said Taylor

The trailer was parked on the north side of the building.  Officers describe it as white with silver trim and Idaho license plates. They ask that if you know anything about where it could be, contact them as soon as possible. 

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