Police: Landlord beat and sexually assaulted woman

SANDY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Police say a man beat and sexually assaulted a woman inside of his home. The man is a landlord living with the woman and this may not be his first offense.

Police are looking at two and maybe even three cases of abuse coming from the suspect, Roger Bilek. Neighbors called police as a woman came banging on their doors asking for help.

Police say Bilek met the woman at the Colonial Hotel in Salt Lake City. He offered her a room to rent at his house in Sandy for $300 and gave her a ride to the house. The two allegedly did meth inside Bilek's home before the abuse started.

The victim said he had cameras in the bedrooms with VHS tapes scattered throughout the house. He told her he would kill her and a fight broke out. She punched him in the nose but then he strangled her and tried to drown her in the bathroom. He then sexually abused her.

Police are also looking into another incident that happened at the same house at the beginning of August where another woman was knocking on a neighbor's door, asking for help. She was assaulted and blacked out a few times and was not able to tell police whether she was sexually assaulted or not.

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