Police arrest sex offender at park

- SOUTH SALT LAKE Utah (ABC 4 News) - A convicted sex offender tried to make Fitts Park his home away from home.

But police say his third victim was his downfall.

Friday police arrested Henry Mayfield a convicted sex offender who was released from prison recently.

"We're just glad to get him off the streets," says Gary Keller, a police spokesman.

Since early June police say Mayfield was exposing himself at Fitts Park and masturbating with children present.

But police were not able to catch him.

"Each time there was an incident he just disappeared," says Keller. "But the third time was a charm."

Keller says his third victim was able to identify him and police tracked him down at a mobile trailer park a few blocks away.

His cousin says Mayfield didn't do anything wrong.

"He was saying that he had to use the bathroom and when it was closed he went to the bushes," says his cousin who did not want to be identified. "A woman saw him and called police. She said he was playing with himself. But he says all he did was go pee."

But Keller says three different victims reported similar incidents in which Mayfield exposed himself and was masturbating.

"We want to know if there's other victims out there," says Keller. "If anyone was victimized by him please contact police."

Court records show that Mayfield was originally charged with raping a child in the 1990's but the plea bargain reduced the charges. He served time in prison and his cousin told ABC 4 News that he was released in June.

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