Pleasant Grove tragedy sparks a reminder of Utah Safe Haven Law

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – This weekend's gruesome discovery of seven dead babies in Pleasant Grove serves as a reminder to mothers and expectant mothers that there are alternatives and there is help available. Utah's Safe Haven Law was created to protect infants from being abandoned or killed and it is places like Intermountain Medical Center and other 24 hour hospitals that mothers can drop off their babies no questions asked.

"That's the whole purpose of the law, to protect these babies and to prevent tragic situations which may be a result of what we saw over the weekend,” said Jess Gomez a spokesperson for Intermountain Medical Center.

The law was enacted in 2001 and is completely anonymous. "There is absolutely no legal penalty and its basically for new moms who again for whatever circumstances feel they can't take care of their baby and no longer want that baby they can bring it to a hospital and basically turn it over to us. Then we'll work with the state to provide custody for the baby to take car of the baby,” said Gomez.

Although it’s too late for the seven lifeless infants found over the weekend, Al Romeo, a registered nurse and spokesperson for Utah's Safe Haven Law says the law does make a difference. "Over the life of the law since it was enacted, we've saved about one to two babies per year,” said Romeo.

That's a number that can't exactly be tracked due to the laws right for mothers to remain anonymous, but nonetheless it is effective.

“I don't think there is a good handle on the numbers, but it is used and it’s in place and I think if it saves at least one baby from a tragic situation it’s a wonderful law,” said Gomez.

Again, Utah's Safe Haven Law is Completely Anonymous and mothers face no legal penalties. For more information visit or call 1-866-458-0058

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