Plans for shared bike route in Salt Lake City stir up controversy

SALT LAKE CITY (Good 4 Utah) - Plans for a new bike route in Salt Lake City is in the works, but some residents say they feel upset about the plans because they weren't informed about it. The path would be along 600 East from 300 South to 27th South.

“The city came to them and said we're doing this what do you think?” said George Chapman a Salt Lake City activist. He goes on to say, “They came to the residents and said were going to make your street a 20 mile per hour street and invite more bicycles and restrict traffic, “ said Chapman.

However, the city says that isn't the case, because the construction for this project is minimal and won't slow down traffic. “It’s a very low impact project that is primarily putting some paint marking on the roadway and some signage on residential streets,” said Salt Lake City Transportation Director Robin Hutcheson.

Hutcheson says the extent of the construction is for new traffic signals to help bicyclists and pedestrians and the project was funded and approved three years ago.

“We know there was gap from when it was funded and now so we made visits to every single community council along the corridor to inform them of the project and get there feedback about it," said Hutcheson.

Britni Brozo, who lives on 600 East says this is the first she's heard about the bike route, but she's okay with it because it improves the neighborhood in the long run.

"We already have tons of runners and bikers it's a great area, because we don't have as much traffic on this street. You have a park that blocks it so it slows down traffic, so I say it's great for people to get out and be alive,” said Brozo.

The city has not given an exact date on when the project will begin, but says it will take place in the near future and will be considering community feedback until the project actually starts.

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