P.C.M.R. land dispute comes to a head

PARK CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A land dispute that has raged on for years is finally coming to a head.

Millions of skiers and snowboarders hit the snowy slopes at Park City Mountain Resort every year, but ever since P.C.M.R. missed a lease renewal deadline back in 2011, resort employees, nearby business owners, and winter sports enthusiasts have been operating on-edge.

Some worry the resort will not be open for this year’s ski season.

"It would be scary for the town, and we're kind of preparing for it. We have to think about the worst. We're being really careful about what product we bring in and how much of it we bring in," said John Denicola, store manager for Bahnhof of Sport, in Park City.

P.C.M.R. owns its base facility, but 2,800 acres of ski terrain was on lease from Talisker Corporation, which also leases to Vail Resorts. Vail operates Canyons Resort, and now, both parties have teamed up in litigations against P.C.M.R.

"It's been the topic of conversation with most of the locals and business owners all summer," said Denicola.

The parties will need to make a decision by Sunday at 11:59 P.M. If they do not, a judge will basically step in and make a decision for them.

Everyone seems to have an opinion.

"I live right down the street. And the fact that I can walk up the street… and then say, 'what up,' and then grab a beer, and then hop on the chairlift, and then go straight up from Main Street... You know, it's just really easy,” said Drew Barry, a PCMR skier who hopes the resort will stay open.

Summit County's Chris Robinson weighed in, saying, '"We feel compelled as county and city officials to urge a quick and mutually amicable solution to a situation that could have potentially disastrous impacts on our resort communities… We don't want our economy held hostage by a dispute that can be pragmatically resolved between two agreeable parties."

Vail Resorts also sent ABC 4 a statement saying, “Vail resorts is completely committed to finding a resolution to this dispute that is in the best interests of the parties and Park City… We are optimistic that all parties will come together and bring closure to the dispute and avoid any disruption to resort operations."

Good 4 Utah did reach out to P.C.M.R., but the resort’s public information employees decided not to release a statement until Monday.

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