Parents thank NICU staff for healthy babies


MURRAY, Utah (ABC 4 News) – It's supposed to be a joyful time, but the joy of a newborn can quickly turn into heartbreak, something Nick and Mindy Galanis will tell you.

I remember that day like it was yesterday,” said Mindy.

The day they thought they'd bring twins home from the hospital, they instead had to leave them behind.

Those two weeks were the hardest two weeks of our lives,” said Nick.

Their babies came into the world early, weighing a tiny four pounds each. Their lives were dependent on ventilators, medicine and round the clock nurses.

That was over a year ago. Last week, the Galanis family headed back to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. “We just want to thank them for everything they did,” said Nick. They wanted to thank the staff and show off what they made possible.

Oh my goodness, they look great!” said nurse Stacey Fowler when she saw the twins. “They are so big!”

It's not often the nurses get to see the results of their work. “It's so fun to see the progress they've made, how well they're doing how big they've gotten,” said Fowler.

The staff refuses to take all the credit, pointing to advances in technology and medicine that make life possible for even a one pound baby.

We see some babies come and that you really don't expect to live and then they make it and they do great and thrive,” said nurse Tallie Jewkes.

The Galanis' count their blessings. The Thanksgivings, Christmas' and birthdays that once might not have been possible now are. “Our kids came eight weeks early and 20-25 years ago the odds would have been against us,” said Nick.

Now at 16 months old, Nicholas and Avery are typical toddlers who can't sit still. “You really wouldn't know that they were premature,” said Nick.

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