Pair arrested in connection with Layton home invasion

LAYTON, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Two people are behind bars tonight for allegedly breaking into the home of an elderly Layton woman. They’re accused of tying her up with duct tape, taking her credit and debit cards and threatening to kill her if they didn’t get her pin numbers.

Believe or not Layton police traced them all the way to Tennessee. Police say these two knew the woman. They were just hired to help her clean up around her house, because she had just returned home from a month long hospital stay.

"That's pretty much the lowest of lows you know they must be very selfish people,” said Mariah Wilt, neighbor.

Wilt's husband woke her up around 1 o’clock Friday morning and told her to call 9-1-1 because their 72-year-old neighbor had been robbed.

"My husband was lying in bed and heard somebody screaming help."

Her neighbor was standing on the porch her hands still bound in duct tape.

"We walked through the house together she showed me where I could get something to cut her hands free. She was on oxygen so the tubes were intertwined with the duct tape where she was bound so we carefully cut her free.”

Police say the elderly woman woke up Friday morning to people pointing flashlights in her eyes.
They duct taped her hands, feet and mouth while they searched the home for her medication, valuables and credit cards.

"It's pretty sadistic. I mean the fact that they duct taped her mouth I mean they don't realize she's on oxygen they very well could have killed her,"

They didn't kill her, but they threatened to if she didn't give them what they wanted.

"They told her that if she didn't give them her correct pin they'd be back to kill her."

While the victim didn't know for sure who the suspects were she did share two names with police.

"They were people, a man and a woman, who she had hired a week and a half earlier to clean her home and do some other odd jobs around the house,” said Lt. Travis Lyman with Layton Police Department.

Thursday morning police tracked down the suspects, 32-year-old Sarah Evertsen and 31-year-old Hunter Haynes, in a hotel room in Knoxville Tennessee.

They've been charged with aggravated burglary, theft, unlawful possession and use of a bank/or credit card.

"It's really incomprehensible that somebody would prey on somebody like that in our society really an easy victim that's fairly defenseless."

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