One of two cats die after being found covered in glue in West Valley

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah  (Good 4 Utah)  - West Valley Animal Services is working on a possible animal cruelty case after two six week old kittens were found covered in a cement adhesive glue. One of those kittens died at the vet on Saturday, while the other is still at the shelter. Best Friends Animal Society says it happened in the area of 3900 west and 3200 south.

“At this point in time we are just at the beginning stages of our investigation in regards to the cruelty,” said Operation Director Kelly Davis with West Valley Taylorsville Animal Services.

Best Friends says they found the kitten that died Saturday covered in glue after neighbors  called them for help to trap, neuter and release two feral cats that just had kittens. They later found out another kitten had already been found covered in glue.

“One neighbor found one of the kittens covered in glue in her yard and he was in very bad shape,” said Temma Martin with Best Friends Animal Society.

That kitten is six-week-old Digby who was taken to West Valley Animal Services and is now in good health and ready for adoption.

“It's two different yards, two different neighbors two different mom cats,”  “The difference  between the  two is one was caught very early and the reason that one was caught is because the first one was literally glued to the ground  and couldn't get away,” said Martin.

Now the question remains, how did these kittens get covered in glue in the first place?

“My understanding is it was in a container with a lid in a yard and it's not clear if somebody opened may have it or it leaked out I'm just not sure about that.” “The veterinarians who saw the kitten assumed it probably was intentional but nobody knows,” said Martin.

Now West Valley Animal Service Officers have taken the lead on the investigation. “We are still getting information from the vet in regards to what the vet feels is the problem,” said Davis.

West Valley Animal Services says they are making contact with several neighbors in the area to move forward with the investigation. If anyone has information you are asked to contact the shelter.

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