Officer Not Justified For Involvement in a Shooting

- OGDEN, Utah. (ABC 4 News)- Two investigations concluded that an Ogden police officer was not justified in using deadly force during an incident.

Officer Justin Kaufman, an eight year veteran of the force, was involved in a shooting on December 18, 2012 a little after 11:00 p.m.

Kaufman responded to a suspicious circumstance complaint in the area of 1447 Canyon Cove Lane, involving a person in a white Honda. The Honda had bumped into a truck, causing little damage. However, the driver of the Honda refused to speak with the driver of the truck.

Officer Kaufman was initially unable to locate the Honda or the complainant, but was later contacted by the complainant.

The complainant took the officer to the area where the Honda had last been seen. Kaufman found a white Honda parked in the area just west of 1485 Canyon Cove Lane. A male was sitting in the driver’s seat.

When Kaufman attempted to speak to the man, he started the car and drove away.

Officer Kaufman followed the Honda to the area of 1487 Canyon Cove Lane, where the driver entered a dead-end parking lot.

Shortly after, Officer Kaufman reported that he had been involved in a shooting and that the driver in the white Honda was driving away out of Canyon Cove Apartments.

There have been two independent investigations on Kaufman, in regards to the shooting. One was by the Weber County Attorney’s Office and the second by the Ogden Police Shooting Review panel.

Criminal charges are also pending against the driver of the Honda.

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