Nine-year-old drives car through home

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A woman is literally picking up the pieces Saturday night, after a 9 year-old driver crashed through her home.

Picture this.  You are kicked back, relaxed on the couch, just watching your favorite T.V. show, when all of the sudden, “Boom!”  A Jeep Cherokee smashes through your house.

"Everything just went really slow, all of the sudden,” said Eddie Adams.

Little Eddie was on the couch with his granny when he saw the SUV backing up.

"I just kind of saw it on the road, then I looked back, then it just smashed in," said Eddie. 

His older brother had just walked into the living room, holding his grilled cheese.

"It was all dusty and the couch was on my grandma's foot, so I had to get it off," said 13 year-old Alec Adams.  

A nine year-old across the street put the pedal to the metal when his grandpa allowed him a test drive. 

"Grandson gets a little confused and pushes on the gas, instead of the brake," explained Lt. Scott White, with the Salt Lake Police Dept.

Bricks flew through the house, over their heads, and even down the hallway.  The house framing collapsed, and somehow, everyone is okay.

"Really fortunate the nine year-old wasn't hurt, that kids weren't behind them playing on bikes, run over… I mean, it could've been way worse than it was,” said White.

The grandpa in the passenger seat went to the hospital to have his back checked, but relatives say he is just fine.  Police cited him with just a traffic ticket.

"We're not going to cite the 9 year-old,” said White.  “It's grandpa's fault for allowing it," he said. 

As for Eddie, he says he will wait till he is of legal age before he ever hits the road.

"Only if the car is off, and my mom's in the car with me.  Sometimes I just pretend; only if the car is off—fully off,” he said.  

This all happened Saturday around 2:00 P.M.  At 7:30, the Jeep was still in the house, so the grandmother/homeowner planned to spend the night at her grandkids’ house. 

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