New twist in criticism of District Attorney

- SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – A war of words turns silent. Earlier this week the Chairman of the Salt Lake County Republican Party was not shy in calling out District Attorney, Sim Gill, accusing him of being biased against police officers.

On Monday, in an interview with ABC 4 Utah, Bennion accused Gill of having an agenda against cops.

It came four days after Gill announced a fatal police shooting in West Valley was not justified.

ABC 4 Utah has learned those allegations also came three days after Gill's office successfully prosecuted Bennion's wife.

Some say that may cast a shadow of doubt on Bennion's motives, but Gill says he won't go there.

"Anything I would say would be purely speculative on my part. That's something Mr. Bennion, you'd need to talk to him and ask him," says Gill.

It's a question we tried to ask Bennion himself, but he did not answer his phone or respond to text messages Thursday.

His wife, Suzette was found guilty on a misdemeanor child abuse charge on Friday.

According to court documents she became angry with a 10 year old child and slapped her across the face, leaving a bruise.

The incident happened at the Bennion's Murray home in September of 2012.

Gill says he wasn't aware of the connection until after the conviction.

He says he has no intention of adding fuel to the fire and that his office was simply doing its job.

"It's just business as usual. It's nothing that was on our radar more than any other case, so we just did our job and did the prosecution. Other than that I find nothing remarkable about it," says Gill.

Suzette Bennion is scheduled to be sentenced on September 30th.

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