Mystery Solved: Father finds son, after police shoot the wanted 31-year-old

MURRAY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A worried father tracked down his hospitalized son, after a West Jordan officer shot the man and forbade the father to see him.

It was a mystery Good 4 Utah began investigating last week. Police refused to tell a wanted man’s father where his son was being treated. Timothy Peterson is recovering at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray and has been ever since the shooting, Thursday morning. Police say there is a reason they would not tell the father which hospital was treating his son.

"Mr. Peterson is a dangerous person, and after we got him to the hospital, he assaulted the hospital staff,” said Sgt. Dan Robert with the West Jordan Police Dept. “We’re very careful and take our responsibility seriously," he said.

The thirty-one year-old man had warrants out for his arrest but ran away from a West Jordan officer who questioned him.

"The officer chased him and subsequently, shots were fired, and Mr. Peterson has been taken to the hospital," explained Robert.

For days, which hospital was treating the wanted man remained a mystery.

"I called IHC—Intermountain Healthcare—in Murray. They told me—you know, the hospital people told me—he was there," said John Peterson, Timothy Peterson’s father. “I went there and nurses at the nurse station told me he wasn’t there and wasn’t anywhere in the IHC Healthcare system,” he explained.

Peterson says he wanted to give his son a religious blessing.

"Murray Police were there shortly. They escorted me out of the building—told me if I came back, I'd be arrested," he recalled.

But the worried father did not give up. He hired an attorney and eventually tracked down his son.

"He was in a lot of pain. He was pretty traumatized by the incident," Peterson said.

The visit was short-lived, and West Jordan Police say it was against their policies.”

"When somebody is in our custody, we don't allow visitors,” said Robert. “That's just standard procedure."

Police continue to investigate the shooting. Peterson insists his son posed no threat.

"He was lying in the hospital bed, but he said he put his hands up above his head…and yelled he didn't have a gun, and at that point, the officer shot him," Peterson said.

West Jordan Police say they indeed found some sort of weapon on the man’s person.

"We're not releasing the details as to how many or what the weapons were,” said Robert.

But Police say they will reveal all of that information once their investigation is complete.

Sunday night, Peterson remained in the hospital. Police say they will book him into prison on several charges once he is released.

According to John Peterson, Timothy Peterson has been homeless ever since Christmas, so the father has been worried and does not know what to expect next.

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