Murray man arrested for catching kittens on sticky rat traps and then throwing them in the trash

MURRAY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A Murray man is arrested after neighbors found that he had trapped kittens on sticky rat traps and then threw them, alive, into the trash.

Murray police officers were called out to Steve Lacy’s home on Spurrier Road Saturday morning after neighbors found the kittens. Ray Knuteson told ABC 4 News that he could hear their cries.

“It was a distressed meow. It wasn’t just a regular meow,” said Knuteson.

They couldn’t tell where they were coming from until Knuteson went into his neighbor’s yard and opened up his trash can.

“That's when I see that it's got two of those sticky rat trap, mouse trap things, one on each side of it, it's sandwiched between it,” said Knuteson.

Knuteson saved two kittens and then called police. When officer arrived Lacy admitted there were more kittens inside the carport.

“He comes out with 3 of them stuck to one of those sticky mouse traps stuck right down to them,” explained Knuteson. “Their whole bodies, their heads, one of them one its face stuck to it, his mouth; he couldn't even open his mouth or breathe."

According to the report from the Murray Police Department, the officer wrote, “Dr. Lacy stated post Miranda that he placed the traps to catch the kittens. He stated that he thought that the two that he had placed in the can were dead.”

When our cameras caught up with Lacy Monday, his story had changed. He told ABC 4 Utah he was trying to catch rats not kittens.

Lacy said, “Had I known there going to be any kittens I would not have had the trap out."

Kathy Knuteson said, “That’s not what he said when the police got here…he flat out admitted he was trapping the kittens to get rid of them.”

When he saw the kittens on the traps Lacy told us he threw them away because he thought they were dead. “There wasn't any when I put them in the garbage,” said Lacy. “There wasn't any noise or anything."

Knuteson disagreed. "Everybody in the neighborhood could hear the kittens crying."

Lacy was booked into jail on charges of torturing a companion animal. The kittens are doing better. They’re currently being treated at the Best Friend’s Animal Society kitten nursery.

"You should have called animal services,” said Knuteson. “They've got other options besides sticking them to sticky mouse traps and throwing them into the garbage can alive."

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