Mountain Accord agreement moves on to phase 2

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) The Mountain Accord agreement is moving on to phase 2. Monday, the executive committee made up of local representatives from several cities, counties, state and federal agencies voted unanimously to move forward.

The Mountain Accord has one message for the community: they are listening to your concerns.

"I think the meeting went exceptionally well. What I heard over and over again was that people were really feeling heard, that they feel like there were significant changes made to the Mountain Accord document that really embraced the needs of this community, and that's what the Mountain Accord process has really been about.," said Ann Ober with Park City.

Ober of Park City Municipal sits on a Mountain Accord Committee. The first change after a request from Utah County leaders was to have all land swaps there taken off the table.

"It's been about talking to the community and creating the best projects and process possible," said Ober.

Of course a Mountain Accord meeting wouldn't be complete without a few objections.

Resident Ronnie Romero is worried about a possible train running through his neighborhood.

"They'll come in with their tools, equipment, and damage the Wasatch Resort. They're going to take homes out, people who have lived there for a long time, the homes are historical, back to the pioneers when they first came here," said Romero, resident of Wasatch Resort.

Romero is talking about one possible transportation plan, but Ober says nothing is set in stone.

"The phase for Mountain accord will look at a variety of transportation options in big and little cottonwood canyons, that can range from extending the bus service as we know it today, all the way to a train, but that's undetermined, and what that looks like is going to be fleshed out the coming 3 to 7 years," said Ober.

During phase 2, the committee will focused on the environmental impact of the plan, setting boundaries to protect federal lands and transportation ideas that will be better for our air.

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