Motorcycle riders team up to find missing children in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 UTAH) - Every month 300 children are reported missing in Utah. It’s a big deal for our state and several different groups are hoping to fix it.

Utah mother Geighel Gore had a 15-year-old son run away recently.

"Woke up one morning the window was open. I called the police they took the information," Gore said.

 But gore knew she needed more help to find her son. So, she searched the Internet and found BURN - bikers urban response needed and CFSI.

Jason Clark with BURN, said, "as soon as the information is sent in, a private investigator is assigned to the case and they get a hold of me." 

"I gave them laptops, iPods, anything that I had electronically that we could trace was delivered to cyber forensics," said Gore.

Clark said, " tips come in the investigators guide us so we can get the child home safe."

That makes it sound easier than it really is, but burn - which has chapters in every state - and CFSI - have an amazing track record. They've found 223 missing children - including 23 in Utah

"We have kids that we got out of prostitution... 13- and 14-year old kids we got out of prostitution here in salt lake," Clark said.

They investigate, they put up posters, and ask questions. And those involved say helping families is all they can think about. 

"Once you start to understand and see what is happening to these kids in our neighborhoods it is hard to sit at home when a child is missing," Clark said.

 Clark says they have 50 volunteer bikers in Utah and 50 on the investigative side. 

  He says when they help bring a family together - like the Gores - all their efforts are worth it. 


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