Mother of 15-month-old Sophea Larsen speaks out

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) UPDATE: The 15-month-old who disappeared while in the care of her father has been found safe. She has been reunited with her mother.

Police continue to search for missing 15-month-old Sophea Larsen after the man who was caring for her ran away from police. Unified police say that man is Jamie Webb who police say has a history of drug abuse problems and is homeless.

Police say the amber alert has not been issued because the case does not meet the criteria, but it does meet the criteria for a endangered missing advisory.

Danielle Larsen tells ABC 4 Utah Webb is in fact the biological father, but they were never married or together and she never filed for custody of the child because she didn't think she had to. She also says she never put Webb on the birth certificate. However Webb has had the child since February.

“He choked me with her in my lap and took her and left and that’s the last time that I seen her or heard her or anything. He hasn’t let me talk to her or anything. He sent me two pictures this whole time,” said Larsen.

It’s been 10 weeks since Larsen has seen her 15 month old daughter Sophea. Larsen had been staying with Webb the biological father at a friend’s house when he took off with the child. Larsen initially went to the West Valley Police Department for help in getting her baby back, but was unsuccessful.

“I never filed for custody because he asked me not to and because of that, by me allowing him to act as the father, is what the police told me, I allowed him to act as the father. That is what the police told me, that I allowed him to act as and so that gave him equal rights as me to my child," said Larsen.

So, following the law, Larsen filed for custody and a protective order and now the case is in the hands of the Unified Police Department.

“What we’re asking him to do is return the child anywhere. Go to a hospital, go to a fire station, go to a police station. If you are worried about being arrested drop the kid off lets get her back to the mother and let’s move on with this. Our main concern is the recovery of this small child who is a victim in all of this,” said Chief Jim Winder with the Unified Police Department.

30 detectives Wednesday alone are looking for Sophea and Unified police say if Webb doesn't turn in the child charges for him are only going to get worse.

If you have seen Sophea or Webb you are asked to call UPD at 801.743.7000


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