Moose on the loose in Cottonwood Heights

- COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Residents of one Cottonwood Heights neighborhood had an unexpected visitor Friday.

A full grown bull moose was spotted near the Willow Creek Country Club.

Neighbors were scrambling to avoid their visitor. 

The moose was estimated at being well over seven feet tall and 1000 pounds.

Kimi Fry, who lives in the moose-infiltrated neighborhood, said, "I realized I really was in the neighborhood and there was moose in front of my face then I just thought, well, I've got to get a picture of this!"

Though the moose was a magnificent sight, it still put residents on edge.

"It makes me nervous with my kids," said Alex Lambert, neighbor. "When cops are nervous, that makes you really nervous."

The incident had motorists backing up to leave it room to cross the street into other neighbor's yards.

"You kind of have to understand this may happen when you live so close to the mountains," said Fry.

While the animal was fun to take pictures of, eventually the safety of residents and the moose required action. 

That's when animal control officers stepped in.

The moose eventually wandered into a ravine where officers shot him with a tranquilizer dart.

However, the moose turned out to be a little too heavy to be moved out of the ravine so animal control had to get a little creative.

Officers reverse the tranquilizer and brought the animal out of his sleep.

They then guided the moose out of the ravine before re-tranquilizing him and moving him to a safer location.

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