Man arrested for impersonating narcotics officer

- OGDEN, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Police say an Ogden man was arrested for impersonating a narcotics officer at a grocery store over the weekend.

According to Ogden Police, 38-year-old Christopher James Sims walked into an Ogden grocery store and claimed that he was a member of a narcotics strike force.

Police said Sims was wearing a bandana and a handkerchief across his face when he entered the Carnaceria store on 31st Street Friday night.

According to police, Sims told the manager that he was part of a strike force agency and that he wanted drugs or he'd shut the store down.

When the manager demanded to see Sims' badge, police say Sims claimed he had forgotten to bring it with him, which prompted the manager to call authorities.

Police say an officer was nearby and responded to the call a short time later, chasing Sims as he raced away on a bicycle.

Police say Sims was caught after he ditched the bicycle and ran into a fence.

Police said Sims told officers that he had selected the store because he thought the shop was selling meth under the table.

Sims was arrested and booked into the Weber County Jail where he faces Impersonating an Officer and Avoiding Arrest charges.

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