Man arrested for burglary, groping of BYU student

PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Brigham Young University police arrested a man Friday who sexually assaulted a student.

Lately there have been a number of sexual assault crimes on campus, but police say this man is not a person of interest in a series of groping cases.

“With the type of crime he committed, this is big for us, we want him off the streets,” said Lt. Arnold Lemmon, BYU police.

Around 1:30 Friday morning, BYU and Provo police arrested Cyr Delinos Narcisse, 22.  He is accused of breaking into a Wyview apartment early Tuesday, fondling a woman, then running away after her screams alerted her roommate.

“He was not there to steal anything he was there for sexual gratification,” said Lemmon.

Police were able to ID a vehicle from apartment surveillance cameras and match it to one Narcisse was driving. 

“We've been scouring the streets, one team found the car in an apartment complex one block east where the crime occurred,” said Lemmon.  “They noticed he was wearing a coat that matches what the victim gave us even down to the tear in it.”

Police say Narcisse confessed to the crime.  They don't know what brought him to Utah. He holds a New York driver's license and is not a BYU student. But the arrest is welcome news to this campus community.

“It makes me feel way more comfortable knowing we have a safe campus that there are bad guys out there, but we'll find them eventually,” said Jacey Wahlquist, a freshman.

Police say this assault is not connected to the 14 groping incidents that have been reported on campus since January. That suspect, described as a white man in jogging clothes, is still on the loose.

Students like Kelsey Akita are now taking self defense classes. “Just to prepare myself because I’ve heard about a lot of these incidents,” she said.

With one arrest in the books, she hopes another comes soon.

“It's kind of one of those things that everyone talks about, it's the second coming where it keeps getting worse and worse and all these bad people are coming, and you know, we're being exposed to them,” said Akita.

Anyone with information about the groping cases is urged to call BYU Police at 801-422-2222.

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