Lingerie model talks about racy Utah billboard

- SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - A racy lingerie billboard that had people across the Wasatch upset has been removed because of all the complaints. But the person most affected by it may have been the woman in the ad.

Tabitha Contreras has been a working model since she was a teen.

"This has been my lifetime dream," she said.

But that dream became a nightmare after the Doctor John’s Lingerie billboard ad was posed last fall.

“I was an outcast, I wasn't welcome and everyone let me know I wasn't welcome,” Tabitha said.

In September, ABC 4 did a story on the community's response to the racy ad. Women living near the sign wanted it taken down. Tabitha remembers when she first started hearing those news reports.

"I felt bad that I offended people because I didn't think there was that much skin showing," she said.

Apparently her neighbors did. The backlash became a reality for the mother of four, after a conversation she had with her oldest daughter.

"My first wake up call was, I had my 13-year-old daughter come home and say people at school are saying, 'you're a porn star,' and so of course I was like, 'oh my gosh, what am I doing?'”

Then, she felt it in her neighborhood, at the grocery store; no matter where Tabitha went, she felt like everyone was watching her. She said it hurt.

The ad is now gone, but the negativity is not. So Tabitha had a message for the rest of the community.

"I’m a single mom, and I’m human just like you are,” she said.

She admits this situation was a lesson learned, even if it was learned the hard way.

That billboard was replaced a few weeks ago, and Tabitha said she was happy to see it go. She says she actually stopped modeling for Doctor John's all together because of everything that has happened.

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