Liberty Park Trashed

- SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - After Pioneer Day, Liberty Park was left a mess with garbage everywhere.

Talk about a Pioneer Day hangover. Liberty Park was literally trashed in the wake of Tuesday's celebration and fireworks. Wednesday morning, the usually beautiful city park looked more like a city dump.

People who regularly use the park each morning were disgusted.

"Today I'm just sad, cause I've never seen it this bad.  It's tragic." said Kris Zeman from Salt Lake.

"It's pure laziness. There's enough receptacles for people to walk up and throw it their trash."  Said Dave Cacia.

There are normally 130 fixed trash cans across the 100 acre Liberty Park. The city adds an additional 150 cans for big events like the 4th of July, and Pioneer Day.

Even with their efforts, the trash still finds the ground.

With 280 total receptacles, the farthest distance anyone would have to walk to find a can is 125 feet.

A crew of 40 city workers were cleaning up all night and morning.  Salt Lake City Parks Supervisor Justin Potter said, "We put out 150 extra cans on top of the 130 already.  People just don't know what a trash can is used for." 

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