Lesbian couple cleans anti-gay slurs off their home

MAGNA, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A lesbian couple says they are victims of a hate crime, after finding their dog poisoned and anti-gay slurs strewn across their home.

Most of it has washed off by now, but there is still a bit of black residue left over on the fence.  The women who live in the home say that the offensive words strewn across their home really shocked them. 

They found the gay slurs at 4:00 A.M., when one of the women was leaving for work.

"I went out to [my partner’s] car to take her stuff out for her...I look up and that's when I spotted it," explained Michelle Klun, a victim of the alleged hate crime.

Klun has lived in her Magna home for nine years.  She says she and her partner Judy stay busy.  The couple raises a little girl together. 

"Lily totally understands about us, but she doesn't know what those words are," Klun said.   

Klun says she has no idea how anyone could show such disrespect, but she does have an idea of who might have done it.

“The same things that were written on the fence were said to me over and over," she said.

This all happened after the couple's dog bit a child who lives nearby. 

"It was very severe into the eyes—just missed the eye sockets," Klun said.  

That is when a concerned neighbor confronted the couple.

"He went ballistic and used, ‘You da-da-da-da, I'm going to shoot you between the eyes, and your dog,’" Klun recalled.  

Toshie was not shot but poisoned.  Klun says the dog now has a damaged liver.

"We have chosen, as a family—and it breaks my heart—to put him down tomorrow, when his quarantine is up, because we could never live with ourselves if he ever bit another child," she said.

The family has no way of proving who did these horrible things, but they continue to work with police and FBI agents to find out.

"This is ignorance, and it's sad," Klun said.  

Ever since the alleged hate crime, neighbors have come together to help scrub the fence.  The couple plans to repaint the house within the next few weeks. 

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