Layton family loses 367 pounds

Published 12/11 2012 05:37PM

Updated 12/11 2012 06:43PM

Ed and Lori Olson, Before and After
Ed and Lori Olson, Before and After
LAYTON, Utah - (ABC 4 News) - Lori Olson can't believe that she's literally half the size she once was, but the Layton mom has lost 140 pounds.

"These are a size 30, and now I'm wearing 4's and 6's," said Lori.

But it's not just Lori. The Olson family has lost a total of 367 pounds.

"I lost 85," said Kyle, Lori’s son.

Ed Olson's total weight loss is a 140 pounds.

It started with Ed, making small changes.

"I just really read about basic nutrition," explained Ed.

After a few weeks, Lori joined in, and soon so did their 21-year-old son Kyle.

"We all saw results and change in each other and that kept us going," Kyle explained.

There's been no surgery. No gimmick diets, either.

"People do go on diets, they lose the weight, and then it comes right back on. I've done that many times. It really has to be a lifestyle change," Lori said.

The Olson's change was cleaning up what they ate, and more activity. Kyle just landed 2nd place in a body building competition.

"Just gives me more and more excitement, and more motivation to keep going," said Kyle.

Lori finally thinks shopping is fun.

"It's so fun now to go in and look through clothes, and try something on and it's actually too big, and I have to go down a size," Lori said.

Ed use to buy his clothes online to fit his 310 pound frame, and can't believe the scale now reads 170.

"People will come up to me that haven't seen me in a couple of years and not even know who I am," said Ed.

"Weight loss is 80 percent mental, 10 percent food, and 10 percent exercise," Lori explained.

For the Olson's, 367 pounds later, that determination shows.

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