Jogger Nearly Killed in High-Speed-Chase Speaks Out

- HOLLADAY, Utah - (ABC 4) - This woman wanted to remain nameless, but wants her story told. A jog down this Holladay street nearly cost her her life. It was a typical run until a man in a truck started shouting at her to get off the road.
"I looked up and there was a gray car coming right towards us," said the woman.

That gray car was fleeing Police.

"Heard the vehicle coming at what we expect to be 70 to 80 miles an hour, down this narrow street, and was heading directly for a female jogger," said Sheriff James Winder with the Unified Police.

But the fleeing car never struck the jogger, thanks to that man yelling at her in the truck, who happened to be off-duty Officer Jim Karahalios.

"She thanked me for saving her," said Officer Karahalios.

Officer Karahalios quickly put his truck between the car and the jogger.

"I was on that bridge and there was no where to go. That's why he gunned it and got that 15 -20 feet between me and the car," explained the woman.

At the time, she had no idea he was an officer, but is very grateful for his quick and selfless thinking.

"He wasn't in uniform, he didn't have a vest on. No hand cuffs. Just totally did not think about his own safety," explained the woman.

For the grandmother, today takes on new meaning.

 "I tended my little granddaughter last night and that I might not have even had the opportunity to do that is frightening, but it is a very good thing to know that there are people willing to put their lives on the line for others safety."

A close call, that could have had a very different outcome.

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