Icy, snowy roads cause major slow downs

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah). - Ice covered by snow making a recipe for slushy slick conditions and a number of accidents throughout the state.

Slippery roads, spin outs, and down power lines all brought traffic to a screeching halt Thursday morning.

"Oh its been a long commute, its been about an hour and a half and I’ve just been taking back roads to get over to here and still trying to get to work,” said Art Roberts traveling from West Jordan to Salt Lake City.

Robert says it normally takes him only 15 to 20 minutes to get to work, but Mother Nature changes everything. The Utah Department of Transportation says although they were expecting icy road conditions, they were not expecting snow so quickly.

“We have our plow crews out in full force their salting their plowing so  if you see plows out on the road make sure you give them enough room to really work,” said Lisa Miller, UDOT travel information manager.

UDOT also says drivers need to give vehicles in front of them plenty of room, to avoid collisions. Long time truck driver Lee Parry has been driving big rigs for 25 years and driving in these conditions are by far the most treacherous.

“It’s bad out there. This compares to last year when we had that ice storm, but just slow down that’s all I can say and keep your distance,” said Parry.

UDOT says for the most part drivers are keeping their distance and going at a safe speed, but even Thursday evening drivers need to be aware of slick roads,” said Miller.

"Fortunately, it will probably be road slush and a little bit of snow as well. So, we're not expecting any freezing rain for the p.m. commute, but we're still recommending that if people have trips that they can maybe wait until tomorrow,” said Miller.

For Roberts, despite having a full snow packed season ahead of us, he's already set to hang up his shovel. "I'd rather have the sunshine and avoid the snow,” said Roberts.

Snow is expected throughout the weekend, if you pan on going out take it slow, and leave early. For more information on traffic conditions visit 4utah.com/traffic.

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