Holladay woman wakes up to woman in her bedroom

- HOLLADAY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - What started as an early morning beer theft at a convenience store ended with a woman crashing her car into a garage and breaking into a Holladay home.

Early Thursday morning, a Buick went through the front yard of a home near 1900 East 4600 South in Holladay. The driver then went to the house next door and broke in through an unlocked window.

Anna Diederich woke up to Allyson Vavro in her bedroom. Anna had never seen the woman and had no idea how she got there or what she was doing.

Diederich told ABC4 News, "She looked very helpless, so I wasn't threatened by her at all. I just wanted her out of the house."

Vavro had lead police on a car chase, crashed into a garage door and then broke into Diederich's home; she was hiding out from the police who were outside the home. They had followed her to the Holladay home next door, but didn't realize where she was hiding.

Diederich was trying to get Vavro to leave, but Vavro said she needed a place to hide. Diederich said, "she kept telling me she's having a meth attack and asked 'Please hide me, please hide me. They are going to arrest me and take me to jail.'"

Diederich was not going to let her stay. She was watching her home and four siblings while her parents were out of town.

Diederich said, "I wasn't going to leave her alone with my sister while I come and get the cops because she told us she was a meth addict."

Vavro took a bathroom break and Diederich finally got her to leave out the back door. Diederich went to police for help, but unfortunately, they have not caught Vavro yet.

If you know where Allyson Vavro is, please call Unified Police.

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