Heavy rain floods several basements in Salt Lake Valley

WEST JORDAN (ABC 4 UTAH) - It is day two of flood watch and this time it struck Salt Lake Valley. Cities like West Valley, Murray and West Jordan were hit the hardest.

The storm Tuesday morning was relentless for over an hour with heavy downpours.

"This is the worst I have ever seen it," said Scott Anderson, a local photographer. "It started and it just dumped it. It rained solid for an hour and 45 minutes." Anderson was taking pictures at Constitution Park.  

This park was built to flood, to catch all the water to help prevent the flooding in a lot of these neighborhoods. Authorities do not recommend your children or pets play in this water due to bacterial issues. 

The problem was the storm that hit the western part of the valley had heavy rain fall and a lot of neighbors here woke up wet. That rain was no fun for the Garcia family who moved from West Valley City two months ago.

"We are kind of on a little slope. We wouldn't think it would come this far into the house," said Kendera Garcia.


The Garcias daughter woke the parents up in a panic.

 "She knocked on our bedroom door and she is like it is flooding, it is flooding. I’m like what is flooding? Then I could hear the rain and there is about this much water in the house," she added. "Everything was flooded, cars getting stuck out there, all the way to 7-Eleven."

7000 South near 1300 West flooded because of a storm drain that was clogged with debris.

"Once my husband pulled them out. The fire department pulled it out, and cleaning them out. The water went away really fast," said Garcia.

The Garcia’s lost a lot. Two big screen TV’s, antique tables, new carpets and beds.

"It is heartbreaking. I just barely moved here, you know," said Garcia. "Where we lived in West Valley it would flood over there. We moved out here thinking you know, it is going to be a little bit better and it's worse."

West Jordan officials understands their pain. They had crews out making sure the drains were cleared all night. Because of how severe the storm was the city is offering help to those who were flooded.

"Trying to help them put there lives back together, giving them information that can assist them. Working with there insurance companies and things like that," said Bryce Hadelie the West Jordan Interim City Manager.

 In the mean time the city is preparing for more rain. There is a few things citizens can help with before the next storm.

"If they will pick up trash bags and things that will get into the gutter. Keep there leaves cleaned up. Extra grass clippings and things that can flow into the gutters, sand and gravel that flow that way that helps us immensely," said Hadelie.

It also helps the system flow freely.

If you would like more information on how the City of West Jordan's Risk Management team can help you, you can contact Shannon James at 801-569-5147. All cases are reviewed as a case by case basis and there is no guarantee of financial assistance from the city.

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