Good 4 Utah tours abandoned Polygamist compound

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – After more than a decade of abandonment, a historic Polygamous compound is about to be demolished.

Is it an eyesore? Maybe, but that is because no one has lived there for years.

"The walls around it have never really allowed anybody to know what's going on here, so I think people are inquisitive about it," explained Jacob Ballstaedt, with Garbett Homes.

The compound spans at least four acres, and home builders say they have always seen massive potential in the site.

"We've recently received all the approvals we've needed to move forward with the project," said Ballstaedt.

But before anyone tears it down, they offered Good 4 Utah an hour-long insider tour.

"This is what we've been told is the birthing center, where women would come here and have water-births in the tub," Ballstaedt said of one room.

Up until 1999, hundreds of Polygamists utilized the compound every day. It served as living quarters, a recreation facility, and even a schoolhouse.

"This room was actually the office of Warren Jeffs', when he was a principal here," Ballstaedt said, as he led the camera crew through the area.

And Rulon Jeffs—Warren's father—lived right next door.

"You can see that maybe there were children here, and they painted the walls to make it… more enjoyable for the kids, I guess,” explained Ballstaedt.

But the compound facilitated religious services too. You'll find what used to be a huge meeting area in the basement of the schoolhouse. It also housed its own baptismal font.

All of this will soon be replaced with 15 single-family dwellings. Most of the homes will range from 5,000-6,000 square feet.

"The area of the mouth of the canyon is just beautiful, and this has been a real eyesore to that for so long. We're excited to be part of beautifying it again,” said Ballstaedt.

Demolition is set to begin Tuesday, September 2nd. If all goes as planned, the first home will be finished by the end of this year.

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