Gender equality bake sale causes stir at Utah high school

SANDY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) A bake sale is actually creating a controversy at a local high school.

It may sound strange, but the issue is gender equality.

Equal pay for equal work.

Here's a quiz. 2 cookies, 2 chocolate chip cookies, exactly the same. Yet one sells for a dollar, the other 77 cents. Why?

"Because in America, for every dollar a man makes, a woman only makes 77 cents. So we're raising awareness for this. So boys will pay a dollar and girls only pay 77 cents," said Kari Schott with the Young Democrats Club at Jordan High School.

Schott and her friends from the Young Democrats club sold some cookies, raised some money and created controversy, but they got their point across. There was mixed reactions from fellow students.

"I really think that women should be paid equally. A lot of women out there are just as good as men out there," Helamen Matmata, Jordan High School student.

"I think that we kind of need to have equality between men and women and I think this is helping a lot," said Summer Barlow, Jordan High School student.

"I believe in what they're doing. I believe in their standing for a cause, but I just don't believe the statistics they're using are correct. I would love to have a debate with them, about what they believe in. But the fact that they tell me to go away is kind of disheartening," said Jake Knaphus, Jordan High School student.

"On social media, on Facebook people got really mad, like they came up and talked to me. They were really mad about it. They didn't think it was fair and I said yeah, it's not fair. That's why we're doing it," said Schott.

It raised some controversy, but it made a point. Schott's dad said he's proud of Kari for getting involved and working for a better future.

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