Gang members stab Salt Lake officer

ROSE PARK, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Two Salt Lake officers are recovering, Saturday, after several gang members beat them up and even stabbed one of them.

It all started Friday night after the big firework show at Sugar House Park.  Police traced someone’s cell phone to 985 N. Riverside Drive, after receiving reports that it had been stolen.

"Two of our officers responded, contacted the residents there…" said Lt. Carl Merino with the Salt Lake City Police.

But these people are not your typical residents.

"Apparently, there are some gang members that live at that house. The incident went bad. The officers were confronted by 10-12 people, assaulting them,” explained Merino.

The officers called for help.  More policemen rushed in to assist them, but these gang members did not go down without a fight.

“The officer who was stabbed during the fight didn't realize he was stabbed,” said Merino.  “Another officer found the knife actually sticking out of his back below the vest," he said.    

Two officers went straight to the hospital—one for knife wounds and the other for head and neck injuries.  Salt Lake Police say the brawl was too chaotic to notice which person actually stabbed the officer, but investigators do have a helpful tool in figuring that out.

"People at the scene that were involved in assaulting our officers were using their cell phones to record it, so we're going to be able to use those cell phones to show who was assaulting our officers," said Merino.

Police were still investigating Saturday afternoon, but at least six people were already in custody.  The two officers were released from the hospital Saturday morning.   

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