Gang member opts out of Ogden 'Trece' injunction

- OGDEN, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Another member of the Ogden 'Trece' gang has left the group, convincing officials to take his name off the city's injunction.

Zack Stirdivant becomes the third Trece member to take advantage of the opt-out clause in the 2-year old injunction.

Stirdivant's opt-out request was contested by the Weber County Attorney's Office because they say he still associates with gang members.

The judge who granted the release did tell Stirdivant that he can be easily re-instated.

The 2010 injunction prohibits gang members from associating together after a judge declared the group a public nuisance.

Gang members can opt out of the injunction of they can prove they are no longer  part of the gang.

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