Freezing fog for drivers creates risky commute

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Freezing temperatures, wet roads and foggy conditions are a recipe for disaster if drivers are not careful. "You have to be real cautious, pay attention. I drive quite a bit slower. I have little ones so anything to help protect them,” says Glenn Tarrant, a Utah driver.

Tarrant says waking up to fog mixed with icy conditions he is extra careful taking his daughter to school, which is exactly what the Utah Department of Transportation wants drivers to do on foggy days. "We ask that people treat this like their driving in the snow storm,” said John Gleason, UDOT spokesperson.

That means, give yourself more time to get from one destination to the next, slow down and allow yourself plenty of spacing between you the vehicle in front of you.

“In these conditions any moisture at all that is trapped in the air will freeze to the road surface. So it can really create some icy slick conditions especially on bridges and freeway overpasses,” said Gleason

UDOT says a few dozen of their drivers are out laying salt solution along the roads to help reduce icy conditions, but still safety measures have to be taken on foggy days.

“Use your low beam lights in these kind of conditions because the high beams will reflect right off the low visibility conditions and right back at you making visibility even worse,” said Gleason.

With freezing temperatures drivers like Tarrant hope a little snow will help push out some of the cold and icy feeling conditions. “It starts to set in, you start getting a bone chills. You can never get warm enough,” said Tarrant.

Experts say areas of fog are expected throughout the weekend, so drivers planning on being out and about on the roads should take their time and be safe.


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