Fire crews rescue man trapped in trench

- SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News) -- A man is recovering in the hospital after he fell 10 feet into a trench in downtown Salt Lake City on Sunday while picking up some food at a restaurant.

Salt Lake City Fire Department Spokesman Jasen Asay said the man was on his way into the East Sea Restaurant, 190 N. 900 West, when he walked across a piece of plywood over a trench in front of the restaurant. The plywood gave way and the man fell 10 feet. He was stuck in waist deep water with a broken leg, Asay said.

Asay said there was emergency tape around the plywood platform but that it was on the ground when emergency responders arrived. Asay said he wasn't sure if the tape was on the ground before or after the man fell. It was also unclear why the man walked across the board on his way to the restaurant.

Asay said the man was taken to the hospital with injuries to his leg but is expected to recover.

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